10 Most Fascinating Facts About Dogs That You Might Be Unaware Of

10 Most Fascinating Facts About Dogs That You Might Be Unaware Of

Dogs are incredible partners for humans from the ancient period. They become our best friends, loyal companions, and our family members as soon as we bring them home. 

As a pet parent, you might have come across some basic facts about them. But do you know there are many interesting facts that you are unaware of? 

Let us discover some of those interesting facts you might not be knowing about your dog.

10 Most Interesting Facts About Dogs:

  • Their Sense Of Smell Is 40X Times Better Than Humans

Do you know that dogs can smell the things that we are incapable of? Their olfactory glands are so well developed that can help them to smell better than us.

The area of cells in the brain that identifies various smells is 40 times larger in dogs than that in humans. This is the reason dogs are used to sniff people, drugs, and money.

The noses of dogs are often wet, which helps them to scent the chemicals. Their nose secrets a special mucus that absorbs chemicals and dogs can notice the smell by licking them.

Several dogs have been awarded medals for their noses. One search dog named Buster was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal in 2003 for his notable service in Iraq, he located explosives and weapons that belonged to extremist groups, thus saving the lives of several civilians and service people.

  • Some Dogs Have Good Noses To Sniff Out Even Medical Problems:                  

Are you aware of the fact that dogs are used in the Medical field to diagnose health issues? Yeah, some dogs are capable of detecting medical issues. Medical detection dogs have got a greater sense of smell and can be trained to sniff out medical conditions.

They are used to diagnose particular conditions or alert owners if they need further medications. In recent days some dogs have been even trained to sniff out Covid 19.

Pal played an important role in saving his diabetic owner by alerting her about changes in blood sugar, which would have become a threat to her life if left unrecognized. Pal has been awarded the PDSA Order Of Merit for medical detection.

  • Dogs Can Sniff And Breathe At The Same Time     

Dogs sniff a lot as they explore everything from their sense of smell. They find their food, sense danger, and make new friends by sniffing only.

Their noses are designed so well that even while smell remains in their nose, air can move in and out of their lungs. It means that dogs can breathe freely even while finding out the smell.

  • No Two Dog's Noses Are Alike                              

As each person has a unique fingerprint, each dog's nose print contains specific patterns to identify them. If your dog goes missing, you can identify him through his nose print.

  • Just Like Their Noses, Their Ears Are Also Super Sensitive:   

Dogs can hear higher frequencies than us. They can hear much softer sounds than people. Their positioning of ears and muscles that they have in their ears will help them to receive the sounds that human ears can't hear.

Dogs tilt their head to locate the source of sound from where it is coming.  The ability to detect things through the nose and ears makes them great search and rescue dogs.

The ending of the Beatles song 'A Day in the Life' contains a beat of frequency that only dog ears can hear. Dogs are even sensible to hear explosives and also natural disasters like earthquakes.

  • Some Dogs Are Excellent Swimmers

Some dogs are afraid of water and others are better swimmers. Newfoundlands are excellent swimmers. That is the reason why they have been hired as water rescue dogs for years.

  • Some Dogs Are Much Faster And Can Beat Cheetahs

Dogs are built for running and chasing, so they can easily outrun a human. Greyhounds are the fastest dog breeds that can reach a speed of about 45 mph within the seconds they start to run.

While cheetahs can run at a speed of 70 mph, they may carry this speed only for about 30 seconds. But Greyhounds, on the other hand, may run with an excess of 45 mph for up to 7 miles.

  • Dogs Don't Sweat Like Humans

Dogs don't have sweat glands like we humans. Even though they sweat, don't expect that they can get damp armpits. Dogs produce a pheromone-based oily content that humans can't detect.

They do panting to keep themselves cool. The only place where they sweat like us is only in their paws. So, it is important to keep your dogs cool on warmer days to make it easier for them.

  • Dogs Are As Intelligent As Two Years Old Kids

Studies have revealed that dogs are capable of learning over 100 words and gestures that can be similar to the intelligence and understanding of a 2-year-old old child. It is much easier to train a dog than a baby.

Because of their cleverness and loyalty, they are used in almost all works like military, police, and assistance. In fact, you can train basics to your pup as the earliest and can take the help of qualified trainers to teach him.

  • Dogs Dream Like People

Have you ever seen your dog twitching while sleeping? Probably he may be in his dream world. You may ask how a dog can dream? But yes, it is true. Research shows that dogs have the same sleeping patterns and brain activity as humans and small breeds dream more than larger breeds. They probably dream about familiar activities such as playing outside or chasing other animals or their own tails.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are wonderful human companions for years. You might be knowing some of the basic factors about your dog. But there are many things that you might be unaware of. 

Dogs evolved from wolves and carry attributes of wolves even now. Dogs wag their tails not only to show their happiness, but it reveals other things like insecurity, frightened tension, and many more.

Puppies are born blind and deaf, but they open their eyes and start to hear sounds after about 2 weeks. Even though their sense of smell and sense of hearing is strong, their sense of taste is much less developed. 

Dogs have 6th sense, they can sense natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, floods, and droughts. They start to act indifferent and behave strangely when something bad is going to happen.

They whine, show erratic behaviour, and try to hide in a safe place. It has been proved that dogs can even sense illnesses, such as cancer.

The superpower of dogs and interesting facts about them are countless. In this article, you can learn about some of the most fascinating facts about dogs.

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