7 Reasons Why Is Dog Shampoo Perfect For Dogs?

7 Reasons Why Is Dog Shampoo Perfect For Dogs?

It is a known fact that dogs make better partners for humans since the ancient period. We all love dogs and try our best to keep them happy and healthy. The health of a dog would be revealed by his lustrous coat, Itch-free skin, and tangle-free locks. 

When it comes to bathing your lovely dog, it becomes the hardest task ever. Maintaining the water level, preparing him ready to get bathed, and using soap and shampoo that should not harm his skin and his coat are the main criteria to keep in mind.

Do you know which is the largest organ of the dog? It is his skin and is considered to be thinner than ours. So, what care has to be taken to protect it? Are there any safer methods to keep it safe?

Of course, there are some ways you can do to protect his skin from allergies, irritations, diseases and injuries. By using dog-specific organic or natural shampoos, you can preserve his skin, fur and coat.

Now let’s see some of the reasons why to use natural or organic pet shampoos rather than poor quality dog shampoos or human-grade shampoos.

Why Use Natural Dog Shampoo For Your Pooch?

Shampoos are usually made from chemicals such as parabens and sulphates which may damage their coat, create allergic reactions and irritations, neurological trauma, pulmonary oedema, irritations in the lungs and toxicity and eye cataracts.

As mentioned before, dogs’ skin is thinner and more sensitive compared to ours. Pooches have lesser layers of skin. The pH balance of the dog skin is also different and is more acidic.

The dog’s skin has a thin layer named acid mantle which protects the topmost layer of the skin or stratum corneum, from any bacteria, viruses, or allergens. It allows the body to be hydrated by absorbing water and reducing evaporation. 

Bathing washes away this acidic mantle. To protect it, it is necessary to use a shampoo that is designed particularly for your pooch.

Why Is Dog Shampoo Perfect For Your Dogs?            

We all love dogs, but we don’t like their stinky smell, right? Can we do something to get rid of that nasty smell? Can we make their hair shiny and skin free from irritations?

Well, there are methods to keep your dog’s skin and coat always shiny and healthy and to get rid of stinkiness. The main thing you need to consider is proper grooming.

The use of particular dog soaps and shampoos is the best idea to maintain their skin and fur healthy. But, can we use any shampoo for him? No, you need to use dog-specific products or shampoos that maintain the pH levels of your canine friend’s skin.

Here are the reasons why dog shampoo is perfect for dogs. 

1. Kills Fleas And Ticks

There are many special dog shampoos that are made to kill ticks and fleas. They usually contain ingredients such as pyrethrin or permethrin that are effective in killing fleas. Some shampoos contain Nylar, which prevents flea eggs from hatching.

2. Treats Mange

One of the main reasons that you need to use dog shampoo for your pooch is that it prevents mange, a skin disease caused by mites. Mange is very itchy and causes discomfort for your dog. The dog shampoo will contain the ingredients that kill mites and thus relieve itching.

3. Gentle On Skin

The other reason for using dog shampoo for your spitz is that it will be gentle on your dog’s skin. Dog shampoo is specially formulated to be gentle on his skin and prevent itchiness.

4. Specialized For Dogs

Dog shampoos are specifically designed for dogs and contain ingredients that won’t itch and are soft on their skin.

They won’t irritate their eyes or nose and allows your dog to keep his coat shiny and healthy. It also prevents flakiness, itching, allergies, and dandruff.

5. Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic dog shampoos are designed to reduce allergic reactions in your dog. This shampoo is good for your dog if he has allergies or sensitive skin.

6. Maintains pH Balance

The pH level of your dog shampoo needs to be equal to the pH level of your dog’s skin.

This is to prevent irritation and dryness that would be caused due to the use of human shampoo or other low-quality dog shampoos that are not suitable for him.

7. Anti-Itching

One of the important reasons for using dog shampoo is to reduce itching. Human shampoos hand contain fragrances and chemicals that are harmful to your furry companion’s skin.

On the other hand, dog shampoos are well-designed keeping your dog’s requirements in mind and they keep your pooch moisturised. This helps in keeping your dog’s coat healthy and free from itching.

Some Of The Best Dog Shampoos

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Final Thoughts

Moe Puppy Shampoo

Dogs become an important part of our life from the day we pet them. Caring, grooming, and keeping them healthy and happy is our responsibility towards them. 

Cleaning your pet is also one such responsibility even though it may be the toughest job for most pet parents. Selecting the right shampoo for your dog will be the better choice to keep his coat healthy and fresh looking. It avoids the stinky dog smell.

Using a specialized dog shampoo would keep his pH balance well-maintained. It frees him from allergies, itchiness, and other skin problems. It allows your dog’s skin to be hydrated and moisturized and avoids dryness.