A Basic Guide On How To Bathe Your Dog?

A Basic Guide On How To Bathe Your Dog?

It's bathing time for your dog. It starts to play tantrums and hesitates to get washed.

Some dogs make it a fun time, but most of them make it a troublesome moment. Some dogs love water while some have aquaphobia which may make the bathing process tedious.

Keeping your pooch healthy and clean is one of your responsibilities towards him.

Cleanliness imparts health and hygiene to him and removes ticks, fleas, and other external matters or allergens.

Let us see briefly why you need to bathe your dog, how often you need to bathe him and how to bathe him without making the process fussier.

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Why Bathe Your Dog?

Dogs are furballs of happiness. A dog's coat would likely attract dirt as they would like to play in muddy puddles, and love to roll into stinky items. You need to give him a proper bath to get rid of all the dirt and extra stuff from his coat.

Bathing removes parasites from his body and keeps him healthy and good-looking.

But do you know that bathing him more often will remove essential oils from his skin thus causing dryness of his coat and making him look dull?

So, how often do you need to bathe your dog?

Bathing your dog mainly depends on the type of breed, his coat style, his lifestyle, and many more things.

  • Bathing once a month is preferable for most dogs.
  • Dogs with oily coats may need a bath once a week.
  • Short-haired breeds with smooth coats will require minimal bathing.
  • Breeds having a water-repellent coat may need a bath less often.
  • Breeds with thick, and double coats will require less bath but lots of brushing.

Following are a few basic steps to make your dog's bathing time more enjoyable. So, without further delay, let's see what are the methods to bathe your dog.

Steps On How To Bathe Your Dog?

Before taking your furry friend for bathing, ensure all the bathing essentials like shampoo, brush, towel, etc. available in handy. Let your dog feel comfortable and make it a joyful one.

1. Brush His Coat

Brushing your dog before bathing will help in getting rid of mats, dirt, tangles, or any external substances from his coat. Matted hairs hold water that may lead to skin irritation.

2. Use Lukewarm Water

The skin of dogs is much different from ours. Hot water may burn the skin of dogs. So let the temperature of the water be lesser than what we use for our bathing. Cold water may cause chills. Use lukewarm water to bathe your dog.

3. Talk To Your Pet In A Firm And Reassuring Voice

Some dogs will gradually learn that bathing him is not at all a torturing process for them. Although sometimes he might try to hide under the kitchen table when you take the towel to bathe him.

4. Use A Specified Dog Shampoo

The shampoo that we use may dry the skin of your dog. Get a specified shampoo for your dog.

Take the required amount of shampoo on your hand. Make a lather and gently massage it all over his body. Try to avoid going soap/shampoo into his eyes.

5. Offer A Positive Reinforcement

Bathing time may bring anxiety to many dogs. Hence, you need to assure him with positive phrases, give him treats, and reward him whenever possible.

Keep a lick mat smeared with dog-friendly peanut butter or any treat at the edge of a bathroom wall to keep them happy and distracted.

6. Rinse Well

Using your shower's handheld spray will be better to rinse your dog's coat. You can even use a pitcher or a bucket.

Gently pour the water onto your pooch's fur to remove the extra shampoo from his coat.

Be sure that no traces of soap or shampoo remains under his coat.

7. Dry Him With A Towel

Moisture is a breeding ground for many bacterias. It may also cause skin irritation, and also causes acute moist dermatitis, which leads to oozing and painful sores.

Long-haired dogs are likely to get matted hairs if you let them air dry after a bath. Just pat dry your dog. No need for rubbing him hard.

8. Use A Blow Dry If Necessary

Sometimes, only towel dry may not wipe out all the water from your dog's coat especially if he has long hair or a double coat. You can try using a blow dryer to blow up all the water from his body.

Set the heat of the dryer to the minimal setting, keep it a few inches away from your dog, and constantly move it in the back-and-forth direction.

Some Important Tips To Keep In Mind While Bathing Your Dog

  • Gently place the cotton balls on his ears to avoid seeping water into them.
  • Apply a small amount of mineral oil ointment to his eyes. Gently pull the lower eyelids and place a small pea-sized amount on the eyelids.
  • Place a mat below to avoid slipping or sliding while bathing your dog.


As a dog owner, you must be knowing that your canine friend won't stay clean for a longer time. He often wishes to roll in the mud or any unusual stuff. It cannot be possible to keep him clean 24/7.

He may become stinky if you don't give him a proper bath for your pup. His coat will also lose its lust if he is under-bathed or over-bathed.

So, you must have to know when and how to bathe your dog. You also have to follow some essential tips to make his bath time, a really fun time activity for you and your dog.

Does your dog like to get bathed or he makes the bathing process a laborious one?

This article gives you some of the important steps to bathe your dog at home. Follow the tips and make bathing time for your dog a happier one.

What are your thoughts on this article? Please share your views about this article and give your valuable feedback.

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