Worst Ingredients Present In Your Dog Shampoos That Must Be Avoided.

Worst Ingredients Present In Your Dog Shampoos That Must Be Avoided.

8 Bad Dog Shampoo Ingredients That You Need To Avoid For Your Dogs:      

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Dogs are indeed our best partners for life and taking care of them is our utmost priority. Grooming dogs not only keeps them clean and fresh, but also makes them look happier and healthier. Brushing, bathing, and trimming are some of the ways to groom your dog. Have you ever thought that dog shampoo might contain bad ingredients that affect your dog's health?

You might be using varieties of shampoos for your dog but have you ever been concerned about reading the content? The brands of dog shampoos claim that they are formulated only with natural and best elements. But the fact is that even the best shampoos also contain some worst components that are bad for your furry companion.

Come, let us understand deeply which are the bad ingredients in dog shampoos that are toxic for your dog and which would be the best ingredients to be used in dog shampoos.

Why Do You Need To Bathe Your Dog?

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Bathing your dog is an important aspect of a dog’s skincare routine. It nourishes his fur, keeps his skin well moisturized and clean, and helps to get rid of the nasty doggy odour. It not only removes dirt, dust, ticks, and mites from his body but it also helps in removing tangles and knots in his fur coat. Shampoos also help in maintaining the natural oils and balancing the pH level of your dog’s skin.

But be careful. If your dog starts continuously scratching or feels irritated immediately after a bath, it will probably be due to the presence of unfavourable substances present in his shampoo.

As a pet parent, it is important to check for the bad ingredients present in the dog shampoo that worsen the skin and fur health of your dog which in turn leads to unfavourable health issues such as cancer or skin allergies.

The Worst Ingredients In Dog Shampoos That Must Be Avoided:


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Many pet parents make a mistake that they won't read the label of dog shampoo which mentions the content of the shampoo. This may be because they are written in smaller letters and some of the ingredients are hard to pronounce. These ingredients are really harmful to your furry friend. 'Methylchloroisothiazolinone' is one such harsh ingredient present in dog shampoo which is carcinogenic and results in organ poisoning.

The other bad ingredients that are present in dog shampoo are listed below:

1) Formaldehydes:

Formaldehydes Medicines


Many shampoo companies don’t directly use the word 'Formaldehyde' as it is banned in most countries because it is a carcinogenic substance that results in cancer to your lovely Fido. Nowadays, companies denote it as a ‘slow-releasing compound.’ Even though formaldehyde is a disinfectant and used as a preservative, it is one of the most irritating substances for your dog’s skin. It causes burning, itching, and blistering of the skin. It attacks the central nervous system and it may even lead to cancer. 

If you find Diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl urea, and Quaternium-15 on the label of your dog shampoo then it surely contains formaldehyde. Despite its low content, it is a big no-no for your lovely canine.

2) Parabens:


Why we have to avoid Parabens


Parabens are the other compounds that are used as common preservatives in many cosmetic products and also in dog grooming products. Being used as preservatives, parabens tend to get stored in your dog’s body which slowly causes hormonal damage and reproductive issues over a period of time. Your pooch may not immediately show the adverse effects of chemical poisoning, but he may likely face some physiological problems after some time. The parabens may be present in your dog’s shampoo as Butylparaben, Methylparaben, or Propylparaben. Check out the label of your dog’s shampoo and be sure that it is paraben-free. If your dog shampoo contains parabens, then throw it away right now and consult your vet for examining your lovely dog.

3) Fragrance:   

Dog Cover with Perfumes and their fragrance


If you notice Fragrance mentioned on the label of your dog shampoo, keep it back on the store shelf immediately. Shampoo companies alternately use the term fragrance to hide the presence of harmful chemicals such as Phthalates. Phthalates likely disturb the hormonal imbalance in your dog and cause severe issues to the endocrine system. Try not to buy the dog shampoo if it lists fragrance as one of its components. Having said that, you can surely buy if a shampoo bottle specifies the scent source. It is better to avoid shampoos containing artificial fragrances and need to go for the ones with natural ingredients.

4) Artificial Colours:

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Isn’t that lovely lavender colour, green tint of herbs, or orange colour tempt you to purchase the shampoo for your dog? Please don’t go for the colour of the shampoo. Make it a practice not to buy anything that contains artificial colour. Artificial colours are usually associated with many forms of cancer. A few examples of these artificial colours in dog shampoos are D&C, FD&C, or Yellow-5.

5) Tea/Cocamide Dea:


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There might be a question arising in your mind that the shampoo containing this ingredient is made from coconut, Right? Yes, you guessed it right. Even though Cocamide Dea is made from coconut extract, it is still considered harmful for your dog. Why is it so? It is because Mea is made from processed coconut extract to an extent that it loses its healing properties and becomes a cancer-causing agent. Mea causes hormonal imbalance and damages the organs in your dog.

6) Methyl-Chloro-Isothiazolinone:

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Are you finding it difficult to pronounce this term? Of course, you are not the only person. It is added to several dog shampoos as a preservative and anti-fungal. But, it is a carcinogen that causes organ poisoning. Being banned in many countries like Canada and Japan, some companies still use it. While buying a dog shampoo it is not necessary to learn to pronounce the term, but if you find a long chemical name that is hard to read, please avoid such shampoos for your furry friend.

7) Mineral Oils:

    Mineral Oil                 

Mineral oils help to retain the moisture of your dog’s skin by creating a protective barrier over it. But at the same time, it damages your dog’s skin. Feeling strange? But yes. Mineral oil is usually a by-product of distilled gasoline that is made from crude oil. By creating an impenetrable barrier over the skin, it reduces the skin’s ability to produce its own natural oil and eliminate toxins. You only need to use pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil which is free from contaminants like complex hydrocarbons and benzoates.

8) Sulphates:

Sulphate in Spoon

Sulphates are the surfactants that rip off the natural oils from the skin of your dog. It causes redness, drying, and itching leading to skin infections. Sulphates present in pet wipes or dog shampoos are likely to cause cataracts. It even causes cataracts in pups, so it is essential to avoid shampoos or pet wipes containing sulphates and rubbing it especially around the eyes

5 Best Alternative Ingredients In Dog Shampoos That Are Good For Your Dogs:

Aloe Vera:


There are certain good ingredients such as aloe vera gel, eucalyptus oil, vitamin E extracts, omega 3 fatty acids, and some dog-friendly moisturizers that are suitable for your dog’s skin and fur. Look out for the presence of these ingredients in your dog’s shampoo. Aloe vera relieves the, helps to quickly heal and recover the damaged skin. It doesn’t cause any harm even if your dog accidentally licks it.

Probiotic Blend And Enzyme Blend:

Probiotics are beneficial supplements for a dog's health. It is good for your dog’s skin too. Probiotic blends and enzyme blends in your dog-care products prevent and reduce the growth of yeast, fungus, or other bacteria on his skin. Probiotic and enzyme blends produce a healthy layer over the dog’s skin and prevent issues such as irritation, hot spots, and ear infections.

They protect the skin and lock in the beneficial ingredients and minimize skin infection quickly. Some of the dog shampoos and pet wipes that contain these probiotic and enzyme blends are Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat, and Dog All Purpose + Allergy and Ear.


 Moe Puppy Keratin + Shampoo

Keratin is generally a protein found in some dog wipes and shampoos. It creates a barrier to protect your dog from the surrounding environment. It also helps in regulating the cell growth of your dog and makes his skin and fur look naturally healthy, smooth, and fluffy. Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat contain keratin that nourishes your dog’s skin and fur.

Gentle Cleansers And Moisturizers:


The ingredients such as Decyl Glucoside, Vegetable Glycerin, and Shea Butter have amazing effects on your dog’s skin. These ingredients are better to treat your dog’s skin,  reduce itchiness, and prevent dryness, and roughness of his fur coat. It soothes your dog’s skin and fur. It absorbs the essential ingredients in dog wipes or shampoo.

Topical Antioxidants:

     Topical Antioxidants                               

This helps to create a protective layer around your dog’s skin that prevents it from oxidative harm from environmental allergens and irritants. It helps in retaining the skin moisture and also helps in repairing itself. These antioxidants are plant-based products that minimize inflammation and burning sensation. 

Final Thoughts:

Dogs are wonderful partners for humans and as pet parents, we always strive to give the best for our fur babies. We groom them to look fresh, healthier, and more nourished. But have you ever thought that the shampoo or other products that we often use to clean them contain bad ingredients that are harsh on his skin and need to be avoided?

We often neglect to see the label of the shampoo bottle that lists out the content of the shampoo. This might be because we find it hard to understand some of the chemical components that these shampoos contain. Some bad ingredients in dog shampoo cause severe skin and health issues for your lovely dog. These ingredients include parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrance, artificial colour, formaldehyde, etc that are harsh on your furry baby.

You always need to check for the ingredients in your dog shampoo that are free from these bad ingredients and go for the ones that are processed with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. which soothes his skin and reduces the skin problems.

Moepuppy is one such shampoo that is purely made up of natural ingredients which your furry baby loves and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that are bad for him. You can happily shift to Moepuppy shampoo without a second thought.