Why Regular Pet Grooming is So Important

Why Regular Pet Grooming is So Important

You might be running after your dog with a brush, comb or bows, etc to groom him, and sometimes you might feel that it is not needed at all.

But do you know that your pup requires grooming which is important for his overall health and wellbeing? 

Grooming changes his basic appearance but also helps him free from ticks, fleas, and other issues.

You won't be allowing your dirty pup to jump over your bed or spoil your clean bedsheets. Right?

Proper grooming helps in getting rid of shedding, fleas, ticks, and other health issues. It allows you to identify any unhealthy issues quickly so that you can take care of your furry friend and consult the vet at the earliest.

If you can't find time to groom your pet at home or if your pup is not ready to get groomed with you, then you can take him to professional pet groomers. 

Your dog deserves the best grooming as he is also a part of your family.

Why Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

Why Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

Grooming provides many health benefits for your dog. Brushing helps in getting rid of unwanted and damaged hairs and it ventilates the coat. It also helps in the proper and healthy growth of your pup's coat.

If you don't brush him regularly, it may result in more greasing, which may cause skin irritations, black pores, or any skin diseases.

Grooming ensures your dog's skin breathes and also reduces the amount of grease.  

Brushing your pup's hair acts as a good massage for him that improves blood circulation. But if you fail to comb your dog's hair or cut them regularly it may cause tangles. If the tangles are not brushed, then it may end up in causing pulling the skin of your canine and resulting in sore patches. 

As a pet parent, you must understand why grooming is important for your dog. Following are the reasons to groom your dog.

Not All Dogs Will Be Same!!

Different dog breeds require different kinds of grooming. Each dog owner needs to know what the dog needs. Some may have long and shiny hair overcoats and furry undercoats, some may have short hairs, and some may have a thin layer of hairs above the fur, so according to their fur or hairy structure, they need to be groomed properly.

Importance Of Dog Grooming

Importance Of Dog Grooming

1. Helps In Cleansing Your Dog And Maintain Good Hygiene

If your dog is clean, it looks healthier and happier. At the same time, it is not necessary to bathe him daily. But dogs like to play in the puddle!! Then bathing may take a longer time. Your dog’s coat will accumulate a lot of dirt and may result in bad odours. So, brushing and bathing are important. 

Grooming does not mean only keeping his coat or hair clean, but it also involves cleaning his teeth, bathing him, trimming his nails, trimming his hair, removing his shredded hairy coat, and removal of ear wax. 

Keeping your pup clean and tidy makes him happy and comfortable.

2. Helps In Identifying Unnoticed Health Issues

Long nails lead to walking problems. It may even hurt your pup while he plays. So grooming brings a lot of difference in his health. You can notice if there are any skin issues while you brush his coat. If you see any bump, soreness, itchiness, infection, or any other skin diseases then you can consult a vet immediately. 

You can find out easily if your dog has fleas or ticks and can give him a flea bath to make him free from fleas.

3. Helps In Relieving Pain And Preventing Mat

You have to brush your dog in between grooming appointments to maintain his health and prevent mats. Mat is tangled or patchy hairs of your pup. When it touches the layer of skin, it becomes more painful. If your dog scratches the mat and underlying skin too much there might be chances of formation of wounds. 

Mats also become a breeding area for fleas or other insects when he plays outside. You need to take proper care and tools to remove his mats without causing any irritation and pain.

4. Helps In Keeping Your House Clean

After grooming your pup, the cleanliness will also extend to your home. Regular grooming removes all the dead hairs, dirt, and shedding hairs from the coat. Stripping away all the dead hairs prevents mats and shedding at home. Your home will become free from his hairs that will be falling here and there if you don’t groom your pup. 

If you have a pup with long hair be cautious as it may result in the secretion of pollen or any other allergens while playing outside. Trim your pup's hair up to the required length so that he can get rid of any kind of allergy. 

What Is The Right Time To Groom Your Pup?

What Is The Right Time To Groom Your Pup?

You came to know why grooming is important for your dog, and now the question may arise in your mind: how often should the dog be groomed? 

Grooming can be started as early as possible, preferably starting from 8 weeks. Because they might feel uneasy about adjusting to the new place. It will be easier for you if you introduce your pup to grooming at an early age which helps in establishing a healthy routine for your pup. 

The frequency of your dog grooming depends on your preference and your pup's lifestyle. It also depends on its coat type.

Final Views

Groom your dog to give him an attractive look and to keep him healthy and free from parasites or skin diseases.

Grooming regularly maintains his overall health and makes him free from any allergic conditions.

It helps in maintaining his coat, his nails, and keeping care of his ears, his eyes and his skin.

Your dog will get better circulation, and massage when you brush him through his coat. It gives lustre to his hair, and improves proper hair growth. It minimizes tangles and matte and frees him from any skin-related issues.

Bathing him regularly helps in maintaining his coat clean and tidy and makes him free from dirt, dust and any other allergies. Trimming his nails reduces the risk of hurting himself or others while playing or walking. Clearing his ears will free them from wax deposition, and washing his eyes will clear the tear stains. 

So regular grooming gives your furry friend an attractive look, maintains his health and makes him happy.